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About Wiesmüller
Wiesmüller is an international respected
expert in the field of spectrometers and 
analyzers and general representative for
JY and GNR. 
Since 1978 we are serving especially the
metal industry an customers in supplying 
industries at the automotive and aircraft sector.

Spark Spectrometer- Mini Lab 300 X-ray Fluorescence Sulfur-in-Oil Analyzers SLFA-2100/2800 EMIA-8100 series Carbon/Sulfur Combustion Analyzer

Spark Spectrometer- Mini Lab 150 Sulfur in Oil analyzer SLFA-60 Spark Spectrometer- Solaris CCD Plus

Spark Spectrometer- Mini Lab 300 Spark Spectrometer- Solaris CCD NF Spark Spectrometer- Atlantis

Wiener Ring 11
2100 Korneuburg

Tel.: 43 (0)2262 72027
Mobil: 43 (0)664 3300070
Fax:  43 (0)2262 72027

Latest News

Sample digestion- VULCAN
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Celebrate the successful launch!

Celebrate the successful launch!

We are very happy to announce the successful launch of our new corporate website www.wiesmuell read more...

Upgrade your old instrument.
On request we can upgrade  your JY-32  with the latest possible software.